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British Manufacturing Slumps as Bank of England Raises Interest Rates

Booms and BustsBusiness Cycles

"Higher order" industries like manufacturing and mining are particularly sensitive to changes in interest rates. And it doesn't look like anything's different this time around.
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The Blockchain Is a Tempting Target for Central Banks

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

The Bank of England apparently wants to incorporate blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies into the central bankers’ tool kit.
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The Social Media Purge: Is the Mises Institute Next?

Big GovernmentMedia and Culture

The state and its cronyist friends have built a world that seeks to silence our perspectives.
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British Left Unveils Plan to "Weaponize" the Bank of England

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

The Labour Party wants the Bank of England to actively promote certain industries over others, not realizing that the Bank has already been doing this indirectly for decades .
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How A Central Bank Caused One of History's Biggest Cons

World History

Perhaps no lesson from history better illustrates the dangers of credit expansion-fuelled business cycles than the story of the imaginary country of Poyais.
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Government Police Are the Latest Persecuted "Victim" Group

Big GovernmentLegal System

Some members of congress are pushing for new laws to make police a protected group in a way similar to "hate crime" legislation.
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The Danger of "Public" Education


The key issue in the entire discussion is simply this: shall the parent or the State be the overseer of the child?
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Incrementalism and Gun Control

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureWorld History

The spectacle of anti-gun marches this past weekend provides yet another example that “democracy” does not yield some kind of livable compromise on any given issue.
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Meaningless Words Alert: Neoconservatives are Now "Classical Liberals"

Big Government

The term "classical liberal" always has been a misnomer, in that it presupposes an earlier or undiluted form of liberalism that must be distinguished semantically and temporally when discussing liberalism today.
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3 Ways the Critics Get Praxeology Wrong

Austrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and Methodology

Many critics of Mises are attacking a caricature of what Mises called praxeology — which is simply logic applied to human choice, or action.
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