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Hysteria Over School Safety Won't Keep Us Safe

Big GovernmentThe Police State

The #NeverAgain movement that arose after last year’s Parkland shootings ignores how government officials cannot be trusted to behave honestly or responsibly to save student lives.
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Economic Stratification and College Admission

Big GovernmentEducation

The increasing importance of elite higher education is a symptom of "political capitalism" in which success is determined by political connections rather than by the satisfaction of consumer preferences in the marketplace.
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Ocasio-Cortez's Selective Memory on the New Deal

Big GovernmentPoverty

The New Deal invigorated a bureaucratic state which had already done much to limit the entrepreneurial opportunities of Americans of all racial and economic backgrounds.
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Dear Mr. President, Security Does not Create Development

Big GovernmentGlobal EconomyInterventionism

Even though security might be a necessary condition for development, it is not a sufficient one.
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Elizabeth Warren's New Antitrust Crusade: A New Progressive War on Wealth

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationU.S. EconomyInterventionism

Warren and her fellow progressives have the regulatory issue with respect to free markets and public utilities almost precisely backwards.
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Will Democrats Rally Behind a Herman Cain Fed Nomination?

Big GovernmentThe Fed

It will be interesting to see how Trump critics handle Mr. Cain. He has the one quality Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats have chosen to focus on when it comes to a Federal Reserve nominee: he isn’t a white guy.
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Capital is a Mystery to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Capital and Interest Theory

While Ocasio-Cortez has a degree in economics, she apparently never learned the lessons stressed by Hernando de Soto in his The Mystery of Capital .
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It's Not a Recession, It's a "Global Economic Slowdown"

The FedFinancial MarketsGlobal Economy

Pundits are hoping that instead of a crisis, we just get a "global economic slowdown." Given the damage done by central banks, a sustained slowdown would be a best-case scenario.
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How Countries Fall into the Welfare Trap

Big GovernmentInterventionism

Before wealth can be redistributed by the state, it must first be produced. But welfare-state policies end up destroying the very wealth which is necessary for redistribution.
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The Apocalypse Has Been Postponed

Big GovernmentMedia and Culture

The radical nature of anti-climate-change measures require promises of a near-total apocalypse in the near future. But the date for the promised disaster keeps getting pushed back.
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