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Business "skills" are overrated

Production Theory


This is an interesting article that rings true.

The dot-com boom was largely about "genius" MBAs coming up with brilliant ideas for online companies...
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Patent and Penicillin

HealthMonopoly and CompetitionProduction Theory


Apparently the discovery of penicillin is often trotted out as a classic case showing the importance of having the innovation-incentives of a patent system in place. The following post from Greg Aharonian's PatNews is a letter from a medical specialist...

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Don't Raise Capital in America

Global EconomyProduction Theory


Because I think they're only accessible to people with paid subscriptions, I rarely blog items from the Wall Street Journal. But this one from the Opinion page of today (Friday, May 26) is worth a click...

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The Actual Nature of Offshoring and of Our Balance of Trade Deficits

U.S. EconomyProduction Theory


Few issues are more frequently commented on than the shifting of American manufacturing to locations outsides the United States, in order to take advantage of lower foreign wage rates, particularly in Asia. This shifting is what is meant by "offshoring." With equal or greater frequency...

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Why Socialized Medicine Leads to the Prohibition of Private Medicine

HealthTaxes and SpendingProduction Theory


An article in today's (Feb. 20, 2006) New York Times makes clear that Canada's much ballyhooed system of socialized medicine, in addition to being plagued by interminable waits for treatment, has prohibited competition from private medicine. But now, as the result of a ruling last June...

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Oil, Big Business, and "Monopoly"

Monopoly and CompetitionProduction Theory


A reader of my analysis of the backlash against the profits of big oil companies thinks that one of my statements is "laughable," namely, my claim that the "oil companies, including Exxon Mobil, have been doing their utmost to increase the supply of oil,...

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But Can He Get Rich, and Stay That Way?

Production Theory


A Malawian farmer, discovering and applying principles worked out by the Romans millennia ago, has brought plenty to his small part of a drought-ridden part of Africa, as this article in the Christian Science...

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Davis-Bacon in New Orleans

InterventionismProduction Theory


Despite all of the public wailing for the desperate state of the poor left behind in New Orleans, to say nothing of all the low-wage workers who recently lost their employers down along the Bayou, the White House announced today that it will apply Davis-Bacon workplace rules to federally-funded...

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Apple compared to "Soviet Russia"

Production Theory


The cover story of Time ($$) this week discusses Apple and Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The basic frame of the article is that "Conventional wisdom says its strategy is wrong", but then goes on to explain how its strategy...

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